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This other form of visit is ideal for participatory and creative groups, since it combines the visit to one of the exhibitions and a workshop where they apply what they have observed and learned through different artistic techniques as varied as drawing, sculpture, photography and performance.

With the intent of encouraging creativity and imagination the duration of workshop visits is greater, and in some cases involves a visit to only one of the Museum spaces.

The workshop visits are in constant change and renewal for greater enjoyment of the educational community. Currently, the following workshops are proposed:

-Mask workshops (includes visit to Sokrates or Nins)

- Sculpture workshop (includes visit to the Sculpture Park)

- Portrait workshop (includes visit to Nins and Sculpture Park)

- Art and War workshop (includes visit to Yoko Ono and Sokrates)

-Tuesday to Friday from10h
-Duration 2 hours and a half

Consult the specific capacity of each activity. 


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